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The auditions for Harmonies For Healing: Under The Streetlamp drew hundreds of prospective contestants. 70 auditioned, 30 were called back, and 16 were included in the “Supergroup.”  Here are just some of the hundreds who tried out:


Sylvia, Age 55, Casino Table Dealer, “I turn to music in sadness and in happiness. Music has been my pillar, that has seen me through, not one, but two diagnoses of cancer.”

William, Age 21, Student, “Music has kept me focused through my entire life. I sing 24/7 and love the stress relief it brings. Music has inspired me to inspire others.”

Theodor, Age 58, Fundraiser, Music Researcher, “Music is the highest form of human endeavor. It does so much and says so much about who and what we are as a species.”

Jaz’Myne, Age 15, Student, Music comforts me when I’m under stress, upset and feeling down. Singing and listening to music keeps me happy.”

Destiny, Age 18, “Music is the one thing I know that can make me feel better and go into another place and forget about everything going on.”

Veronica, Age 16, Student,  “Music has been the center of my life since I was little. I want to affect the world in a positive way with the power of music.”

Cassie, Age 33, Truck Service Lead Advisor, “I have been large my entire life, and was always bullied throughout my childhood. My parents have been supportive of me and I love that they raised me with a love of music.”

Kelly, Age 23, Bank Teller and Student, “Music gave me the confidence in myself that I desperately needed growing up. I was often bullied when I was younger for my appearance and weight, but singing always brought me to a good place. I am on my way to starting a professional career and hope to bring a body-positive message to younger, aspiring singers.”

Ceairra, Age 17, Student, “Things haven’t always been the best for me and not all the people I’ve considered friends have stayed by my side. But I’ve always been able to turn to music to stay sane. I don’t know where I’d be without music. ”

Steve, Age 46, Musician, “Expression and communication are the most important things in the world. Nothing enables those like music does.”

Marcos, Age 16, Student, At a young age, I was exposed to many genres of music, with my favorites being oldies, classic rock, Motown and soul. Music led me to performing, and that’s what makes me tick.”

Dave, Age 45, Auto Restoration, “Music is the way I touch, very deeply, people’s lives to the core…it’s the best way to stir the deepest emotions possible like nothing else can.”

Amaya, Age 15, Student, “Music is important to me because I can appreciate old school music in a way other people my age usually can’t.”

Matthew, Age 35, Teacher / Freelance Writer, “for as long as I can remember music has been part of my life. Music is truly my second language, and an international language that needs no translation.”

Taylor, Age 22, Student, “Many people walk through life without finding their purpose. I believe the two most important days of a person’s life are the day they are born and the day they discover why. Music is my why.”

Amelia, Age 17, Student, “Music brings out the best emotions in me when I am in a bad mood or a tough situation. I can express how I’m feeling through the different tempos and chords that are being played with each specific song. It’s like talking without actually talking… and I love it.”

Jack, Age 35, School Administrator, “I am a lifelong musician. I recently earned my PhD after defending my dissertation, entitled “Analyzing the Satisfaction with Life of Drum Corps and Marching Band Alumni.” Qualitative evidence showed that music does play a major role in the successes of musicians and their outlook on life.

Kristen, Age 28, Teacher, “Music has been a very positive, emotional outlet in my life. One of the most important people in my life suffers from alcoholism. I learned everything about music from this person; music was our way to escape our devastating reality.”

Sarah, Administrative Assistant, “I grew up in a musical family. For me music gives me a sense of peace and purpose. I connect with nothing else like I do with music.”

Dwayne, Age 27, Social Worker, “Music is my first love. Music is my primary way of expressing my spirituality, and has always been a ministry in the church that has spoken to my heart. To me, music is a necessity for a quality life.”

Julia, Age 15, Student, “I have such a passion for music that it has become a part of me. Without music, I’m totally lost. It defines me, my hopes and my dreams.

Adam, Age 73, Consultant, “I have a gift of voice and musical skills and a passion to share my gift with others.”

Ariana, Age 17, Student, “Music is my gateway. I lost my  house in a fire and I felt like no one could relate or understand what I was going through. Music was my escape. It helped me through one of the most terrifying things to happen to me.”

Sierra, Age 16, Student, “Music is not just ‘important’ in my life, it is my life. I’ve been through quite a lot and I guess I just find no desire to care about a lot of things… but music? I’ll never put anything before my music.”

Tim, Age 59, Pastor, “As an introvert expressing thoughts and emotions are sometimes difficult. When you can’t find the words to say, music will do that for you.”

Robert, Age 22, Theatre Director, “I was able to learn many life lessons from music, whether it help me heal from a situation, or gave me direction to move forward with my life.”

Jerry, 36, Retail Sales, Teacher, “It’s who I am. It’s what has kept me sane at times during my deepest bouts of sadness.”

AmberLyn, Age 26, Kindergarten Teacher, “I know I was born to sing and share my voice with others. I am a confident woman, comfortable being exactly who I am because God has given me my very own beautiful gift that I get to share with the world.”

Renee, Age 60, Catering, “Music is important in my life because, I believe in being a good steward of the gifts that God has graciously given me. The Power of Music unites us all!”

Tanner, Age 25, Substitute Aide, “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 6. Despite all the struggles that came living with a neurological disability, singing was and is the best way I express myself. No matter what I sing, I get so engrossed in the music that everything else just fades away.”

Stephanie, Age 34, Dental Clinician, “Music is a friend who will never disappoint me. It has become my passion and saved me from a lot of childhood despair.”

Rachel, Age 27, Customer Service Rep, “Music has literally saved my life. I have battled with demons of depression since a young age. The only times I have been truly happy is when I am listening to or making music.”

Amy, Age 39, Server, “I really can’t live without music. I was that girl in high school who was already singing in the halls. I still do that at work.”

Michelle, Age 50, Art Instructor, “Through the years, music was my best friend. Every mood was matched by a song.”

Tyreak, Age 17, Student, “Music is a very important part of my life. I’m an adopted child who was separated from my mother at birth and just found her two years ago. I found out that my mother was a singer and it passed on into my genes. I would like to do something with my voice to make her happy.”


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