We started with hundreds of contestants:
70 auditioned
30 made it to call backs
16 talented individuals from the ages of 15 to 73 made it into the Harmonies for Healing: Under The Streetlamp “Supergroup.”
And in the process, they showed the undeniable power of music to inspire and effect positive change.Their incredible journey is revealed in the exciting two-part docu-series that centers on a singing competition in two heartland counties in Indiana. Coached by Under The Streetlamp’s Shonn Wiley, Michael Ingersoll, Christopher Kale Jones and Brandon Wardell along with renowned Musical Director, Dennis “Doc” Williams, singers vie for a chance to perform in concert with the popular retro quartet at the legendary Star Plaza Theatre.

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Why these counties?

Because they are a microcosm of America. Featuring participants ranging from high school students to senior citizens who are following their dreams, Harmonies for Healing: Under The Streetlamp will not only inspire you, it will renew your faith in the kindness of people and the importance of the arts.


Harmonies for Healing: Under The Streetlamp will air on participating public media stations throughout the country starting October 2017. Check your local listings or contact your public television station for upcoming air dates.